This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

Dessert Vape Juice

Te best part of any meal is when ti comes to dessert. When it comes to vaping, you can have dessert all day!

Mama Maria is An amazing coffee Italian Dessert Vape Juice. An Italian Coffee Cream Dessert cake vape Juice flavor that will make your all day vape an all day vaping experience. Smooth creamy dessert tiramisu vape Juice for the serious dessert and coffee vaper.

Triforce is a Cookie Dessert vape Juice. Dessert vape Juice flavors are designed to taste like real dessert cookies and cake flavors. Our dessert flavored vape line is designed to provide a real dessert cookie flavor experience. Sweet sugary flavors with lasting flavor for all day vaping. There nothing more bakery than eating rainbow cookies, now imagine having this amazing cookie flavor in your ejuice!

italian rainbow cookie vape juice flavor

Triforce - Cookie Dessert Vape Juice | 100mL Bottle

Italian Dessert Vape Juice

Product Details
Italian Rainbow cookie vape flavor. Awesome Italian Cookie vape. Delicious Italian Jelly Cookie dessert Vape Juice flavor.


italian tiramisu cake vape juice flavor

Mama Maria - Cake Dessert Vape Juice | 100mL Bottle

Tiramisu Cake Dessert Vape Juice

Product Details
A Superb Coffee Cream Cake vape flavor. Italian dessert tiramisu vape Juice flavor. Wonderful Sweet italian dessert Vape Juice cream vape notes.